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The unified Gulf visa will enter into force in early 2025 and (UAE)
Friday, May 10, 2024

Local newspapers reported that the unified Gulf visa, which allows its holders to enter the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, will be implemented early next year, 2025.

She added, quoting “private” sources that she did not name, that the unified Gulf visa will enable anyone who obtains an entry or residence visa in one of the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries to enter the rest of the countries with the same visa, similar to the Schengen visa that links the European Union countries with a single entry visa.

The new visa system will allow simplification of travel by residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council to the Arab Gulf states.

The Saudi Minister of Tourism, Ahmed bin Aqeel Al-Khatib, had revealed in his previous statements that the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries had approved the unified tourist visa.

Al-Khatib added that the Gulf Council authorized the Ministers of Interior to take the necessary measures to implement the unified tourist visa, noting that the decision is a historic step that reflects its commitment to enhancing cooperation and deepening ties in the field of tourism and various fields among them, and will also enhance the position of the Gulf countries as a distinguished tourist destination globally.

He stressed that the adoption of this visa is in line with the development and development renaissance witnessed by the GCC countries at various levels, and will have an effective impact in enhancing the desired interconnection and integration between countries.

He added that this visa would contribute to facilitating the movement of tourists and incoming visitors between the GCC countries, thus enhancing the role of tourism as an engine for economic growth, and opening new opportunities for investment in the tourism sector in each of the member states, stressing at the same time the keenness of the Ministry of Tourism in the Kingdom to cooperate. Close cooperation with its counterparts in the Gulf tourism ministries to ensure the implementation and coordination of this step in the best way to serve the tourism and economic sectors in the region.

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